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Minmetals Yingkou Medium Plate Co., Ltd (MYMP) is one of the most important high-tech wide-heavy steel plate manufacturers in China. Located in an open and costal city of Yingkou in the southwest of Liaoning Province, MYMP takes the advantage of superior geographic position and convenient transportation of the Liaohe River and the Bohai Sea for its rapid development. The distance from MYMP to Bayuquan Seaport is 40 km away, to Yingkou Port, 10 km, and to Shenda Express way, just 3 km. In addition, the railway tracks lead direct to the workshop.

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Address:Yejin Street Fanrong Road No. 1,Laobian,Yingkou, Liaoning, China
Tel:+86 417 3256011/3256012/3256014 Fax:+86 417 3256000 Minmetals Yingkou Medium Plate Co., Ltd (MYMP)
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