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Rolling held two factory production safety debate

Release Time:2016-01-29

Guo Jiawei reported on December 20, 2015, steel rolling two factory maintenance works for the safety of for one hundred days without accident, held the first debate "safe production", the debate over the "safety is more important or more important" thesis debate.

Debating cliffhanger, highlights appear frequently, won the chorus cheers for everyone.They race out of style, race out of the friendship, also shows the profound theoretical knowledge and solid knowledge of safety skills.

The debate not only enriched after-hour activities, but also promoted the worker safety awareness, more to strengthen the worker safety responsibility consciousness.

Although the debate is over, but this is not an end, but rather to promote awareness of production safety workers starting point.Maintenance works widely use micro letter group of worker produce wonderful thoughts and tidbits in the debate competition, promote the related theory knowledge, drive the worker transfer enthusiasm in a debating contest to find safety in production hidden danger.

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